Corporate announcements:
The fall days in September,How do you do respect of polyaluminium chloride iron customers,Gongyi city welcome you into a new water purification materials co., LTD. Web site!Equinox solar terms,Clear sky of flowers gone with the wind,Shake the spirit of the cool autumn wind,I wish you the best beauty never grows old,Healthy don't get sick,Cool and clear day day and night,Be sure to keep warm to bear in mind,May you don't go to the hospital to take medicine,The god of wealth called you in every day,Every day life happiness,Happy to tightly around you!Gongyi city believe brand new water purification materials co., LTD “Quality and customer satisfaction is the life of the enterprise” , Continuous pursuit of a more stable polyaluminium chloride,Polyaluminium chloride iron,Polymeric ferric sulfate products and more trust of customer service。

Gongyi city in henan province a new water purification materials co., LTD., the main production and sale of polyaluminium chloride,Polyaluminium chloride,Polymeric ferric sulfate,Yin and Yang material polyaluminium chloride ion polyacrylamide and other water purifier and water purification products,Site polyaluminium chloride series products all adopt the factory direct sale mode,Direct factory price。The company is located in gongyi city in henan yongan street industrial demonstration zone yongning road no. 3,Close to310National highway,My company is even huo highway、Jingxi iron and high in longhai railway5Km or so,The transportation is convenient。
Polyaluminium chloride products of the company to obtain the authorities quality inspection qualified report,Widely used in drinking water and industrial water supply、Electric power、Steel circulating water、Industrial waste water、Sewage processing, etc,Especially in the fields、Chemical industry、Leather paper、Printing and dyeing high pollution of waste water,Have a good treatment effect。
The company abides by“Scientific management and promote development,Forge ahead and high-quality goods,User satisfaction increases efficiency”The idea of using“To do things,In order to quality to survive”Values,With advanced technology、Perfect detection means,Flexible mode of operation,Welcome new and old polyaluminium chloride series products to distributors and users、Negotiation、To go sightseeing。