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    DE of catering equipment co., LTD is located in the south of henan province——Zhumadian Is a young and vigorous development of the company like zhumadian。Is made with more than 10 years experience in the industry,Be familiar with production、Sales、Management talent to form a DE up to such a good team,Committed to provide high quality service for the general customers。After just a few short years to grow,Now has grown into a collection of kitchen utensils and appliances design consultant、Manufacturing processes、Business such as sales and service in one of the professional kitchen utensils and appliances enterprises。 Company since its inception,It attaches great importance to the quality of security and customer service experience,Pay attention to the new technology、The new idea into the design and production,Environmental protection, at the same time、Such as energy conservation and emission reduction requirements closely together,The technology of quality leading and applicability to achieve an organic unity。Company specializing in the production of square、The circular、The oval、A table for two、Three POTS、Four pan rotary type、Summer special outdoor、Lash pot、Pan...

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    Correspondence address:Zhumadian gorse gorse building day road and zhongshan road intersection    Contacts:Manager wang    Fixed phone:17335467055   The mobile phone:13353893877
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